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Clorpeace Foods Investment is a food manufacturing company registered under the company’s act and is certified as a food manufacturing establishment by City Environmental Health Department in the Municipality of Harare the regulatory body under the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare. In addition, our products are certified by World Vision

Clorpeace Foods Investment manufacturers packaged processed food products using milling and extrusion cooking technologies, in an automated processing plant with semi-automated packing of the final product.

Clorpeace products are mainly targeted for the NGO sector as nutritional supplementary foods formulated and manufactured as per customer requirements and its branded products supplied to the general public through registered distributors and its distribution outlets.

Clorpeace input suppliers and service providers are established corporates and upcoming entrepreneurs who have unique skills and knowledge of the specialized technologies and materials used in product processing. Clorpeace, supports small holder farmers as part of its contribution towards poverty reduction by providing a market for their grain and seed oil produce.

The company’s vision is to participate meaningfully in the global initiatives toward eliminating malnutrition and building healthy communities using technological advances in food processing. It is committed to realizing this vision, through its mission. That is to serve humanitarian agencies with quality specialized nutrition products targeted at alleviating malnutrition and to supply affordable quality foods and beverages that meet community needs for nutritional health.

Clorpeace Foods Investments employs efficient and effective processing technologies, skilled and competent personnel, and global quality and food safety standards in the manufacturing processes of its products, while complying with relevant local regulatory and statutory requirements, including good corporate governance practices and fair labour practices.


To eliminate malnutrition and build healthy communities globally through the production and supply of high quality nutrition products.


Clorpeace Foods Investments is a supplier of affordable high quality and safe, nutritious fortified foods and beverages that serve humanitarian agencies, institutions and consumer requirements for nutritional health.

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